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Yoga Classes

Anchoring, movement, introspection and intuitive writing.


Slow down and take a breath...

The constant rush of life can be overwhelming and we need to take time to rest...

Join my online and in person yoga class today!

My yoga classes help to...

  • Anchor oneself in the present moment and

  • Provide an overall sense of well-being

The various movements help with...


Physical Fitness

As someone who lives with complex trauma and chronic pain, I cannot express in words how grateful I am that Jill has shared her gift of healing with us. Whether in her weekly yoga classes or her amazing retreats, Jill's approach honours wholeness and spirituality that adresses not only the physical being, but ones mind, body, AND soul.


The various breathing techniques help to...

Reduce Stress


Thanks once again. I am happy to have started yoga with you. Another very loving session emotionally, mentally and physically. That mountain pose...Ouff! Lots of release.


Calm the Nervous System


Just finished your yin class.

It feels so good. I've been noticing changes mentally and physically. Thank you again.


  • I have a 300-hour certification in yoga (Vinyasa and Yin). In addition to offering online classes, I travel to various locations to teach more specific groups (e.g., seniors, school age children, etc.) upon request.

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

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