Macrame Workshops

Decrease anxiety - Increase self-esteem


Looking to channel your creative energy?

A mindful workshop to learn the basics of making art with knots.

Macrame workshops benefits...

  • Promotes relaxation;

  • Allows one to focus on the present moment;

  • Decreases anxiety;

  • Increases self-esteem.

Prioritize your wellbeing...because you matter


Be in your creative flow

Hi Jill. A couple of weeks ago you did a macrame class at the Inch Arran Park and I couldn't do it because of pain in my shoulder ad had to leave. I told you I would make something with my string and stick and I did! 

Resurgence of a vintage craft

Laugh with friends

Weaving Macrame

Merci beaucoup pour le cours en macramé! J’ai repris goût à en faire, mais surtout je suis sortie du cours avec une joie dans le coeur. Très belle atmosphère grâce à toi.


Be in the present moment


Testimonial needed

Help your body refuel by nourishing your creative mind...

  • In groups of 10 to 12 people, participants learn different weaving techniques and share their experiences with other participants.

Macrame Worshop

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