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Macrame Workshops

Decrease anxiety - Increase self-esteem

Jill working on a macrame in a pretty room

Looking to channel your creative energy?

A mindful workshop to learn the basics of making art with knots.

Macrame workshops benefits...

  • Promotes relaxation;

  • Allows one to focus on the present moment;

  • Decreases anxiety;

  • Increases self-esteem.

Prioritize your wellbeing...because you matter

A bunch of macrame ropes on the floor with a persons bare feet

Be in your creative flow

I've been going to macrame workshops for a little while and I always love them. It makes a fun night out and to be able to learn something new. Jill is very patient and knowledgeable about her craft. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to participate in a workshop

Resurgence of a vintage craft

Laugh with friends

Weaving Macrame

Thank you so much for the macramé class! I have regained my taste for it, but above all I left the class with a joy in my heart. Very nice atmosphere thanks to you.


A woman in a beige dress holding a macrame

Be in the present moment

Attending macrame night was the perfect girls night out I needed. Jill is a great teacher, caring and has a great sense of humor. The location and size of the group was perfect and to top it off, I went home with a great creation I made.

Help your body refuel by nourishing your creative mind...

Close up of a macrame with the background being a window and a hanging plant
  • In groups of 10 to 12 people, participants learn different weaving techniques and share their experiences with other participants.

Macrame Worshop

Want to invite me to:
-your school?
-your workplace?
-your nursing home?
-your city?

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