Copy of 7 lessons to learn from the sun

  1. Wake-up gently and peacefully.

  2. Show up, for you and for the world.

  3. Share your power with the world to better humankind.

  4. Shine bright and radiate your light on others.

  5. Bring warmth and light in all you do.

  6. Help others grow by showing up as your true self.

  7. In the evening, take your time to settle down.

Dossey, B.M. & Keegan. L. (2016). Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice. 7th edition.

Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett. P. 147.

About me I’m Jill Doucet. Mama of three, solopreneur, yoga instructor and registered nurse. I am inspired by time. My creativity led me to a business that creates space for life to happen. I inspire others to take pauses and to cherish the present moment. I am fueled by my passions and sharing with the world that it is possible to create a life that you love.

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