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Have you heard about this prescription?

Awwwww to let go, to surrender, to welcome life as it shows up without trying to control every aspect is a skill that has to be mastered.

In a world where people strive to always be busy and are rewarded to achieve great summum, please slow down, press pause, breathe and surrender to life magical power.

Doing nothing is actually doing something if that can ease your mind. And that something is by far the best prescription you’ll ever get to help your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Taking the time to stop and to take a break opens spaces and opportunities for life to surprise you. When you try to control, manipulate and organize every little details of your life, you are actually blocking all possibilities for life’s miracle and manifestations. The universe has a plan for you, believe it or not, try not to mess with it too much.

When you think too much about trying to figure out the outcome of a situation, stop, inhale, exhale, come back to your body, to your senses, to your breath. This will bring you back to the present moment, the here and now, where things matter the most.

Worrying, doubting, negative thinking, upsetting and complaining will only bring you pain and sorrow. I’m not saying feeling like this is wrong. I’m just saying to be aware of what is showing up for you. Acknowledge it and choose better avenue for your whole self.

Open the channels to positive outcomes or at least better acceptation of the situation that shows up. Smile say thank you, think about the great possibilities here is. Rejoice in the best outcome, think big for yourself, you deserve happiness, harmony and inner peace.

If everyone would actually believe in their untaped potential, you would be amazed to see what this world could turn out to be.

I strongly believe that we are transitioning into a world that will be more kind, more loving and more understanding for the generations to come. By changing the way we did things today, we are setting up great opportunities for the others that will follow.

Believe in yourself, believe in a better world, believe YOU can be the change you see in this world

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