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Love yourself a bit more each day

What is guiding your life ? Your thoughts, your heart, your intuition or your surrounding ? Life happens after a series of occurence. How can life show up more easily, without forcing it or trying to control it ? How can the true miracles of life show up in a way that you will feel fulfilled and living with a purpose ?

Just show up, wake up every morning thankful you are alive and breathing. Just that in itself is a miracle. Try not to think too much of what will happen in the future. Focus on what you have achieve thus far and how to better yourself today.

Take care of your body, mind and soul as if it was tour most pride possession. Actually it is what you have that is the most important.

Your body, your vehicle of life, the physical, visual matter that carries you in this world, that people see with their eyes, needs all the care it can get. Just like a car, it needs maintenance, routine check up and it needs to move in order to work properly. You can’t just take care of the exterior of your vehicle and think it will be ok. You need to check the inside of your vehicle, what truly makes it work, to make sure it runs smoothly.

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have in your body. Use it well. It will try to trick you, to dictate what you should do, challenge it. Breathe, get in your heart space and trade the negative thoughts for some positive ones. It take time, dedication and repetition just like any other routine. But once you’ve mastered the art of being the sole proprietor of your thoughts, take ownership.

Your soul, was present before you were born and will follow you till your last breath. Your soul is what makes you the most precious and unique person in this world. It carries so much grace. It always guides you in the right situation to shape the person that you are today.

You came in this world whole and will leave whole. Don’t ever forget that. Love yourself a bit more each day and give yourself grace. You are so much more than you think

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