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Story and Metaphor

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Who would have thought that storytelling and metaphor could be an assessment approach in nursing or even a nursing intervention?

Story and metaphor often provide a language and form for conveying the richness of one’s spirituality when factual statements of experience fail to do so.

Sharing your own story puts you in a very vulnerable place. It is like opening your heart,

opening your soul, and letting go of any of the world expectations. You connect at a deeper

level with the people who genuinely listens to you. Those connections, free of judgement, full of empathy come nourish your whole self and make you feel alive and purposeful.

I have been sharing my story more and more lately in hope of inspiring others to take courage to choose a life worth living. Through an intuitive writing practice, using metaphor helped me understand a deeper part of myself and helped me connect with my world and my surroundings.

Storytelling and metaphor were an important part of my healing journey. Here is a glimpse of one of my intuitive writing practices using a metaphor with the sun.

The power of the SUN

I spend numerous mornings gazing at the sunrise. They are beautiful and powerful just like every one of us. Each sunrise is unique and present its own majestic canvas.

Like the sun we get the chance every morning to wake up and shine. The sun gets up every single day and uses its power to radiate its sunrays on to the world. Everything we see is already beautiful, but with the sun illumination, it enhances features and gives it a whole new life. We as human, also get that same opportunity. We wake up and we can let our inner power shine through to make a difference in our world. By simply radiating, we shine on others and the ripple effects can be astonishing.

Even if we do not get to see the sun all the time, we know it’s there. Sometimes it hides between the clouds for minutes or for hours, and sometimes it goes a full day or a full week without showing up and that is ok. Same goes for us, we don’t need to be shining bright all the time, we need to rest, relax and recharge in order to be our true self. Our body, mind and soul need time, need a break, need to pause.

The sun shares its power to help the world. The energy from the sun is crucial for the functioning of humankind. We hold a power inside of us that is unique, if we fail to use it, we are depriving the people we love and the whole world of our own superpower.

The canvas the sun paints alongside with the sky can often bring us in a state of pure bliss. The energy that is created is felt in every cells of our bodies. We also get the chance to collaborate with others to create something beautiful. Synergy is something immensely powerful and can create miracles. Surround yourself with the people that helps you create that magical feeling.

When the sun rises and sets, it does not rush. It is calm, it is gradual, and it is simply beautiful. Your life can be just that.

The sun is a star and so are you. You hold the power inside of you to change the world or at least your world.

Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day. – Jhiess Krieg –

1- Dossey, B.M. & Keegan. L. (2016). Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice. 7th edition. Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett. P. 147.

7 lessons to learn from the sun

1- Wake-up gently and peacefully.

2- Show up, for you and for the world.

3- Share your power with the world to better humankind.

4- Shine bright and radiate your light on others.

5- Bring warmth and light in all you do.

6- Help others grow by showing up as your true self.

7- In the evening, take your time to settle down.

About me

I’m Jill Doucet. Mama of three, solopreneur, yoga instructor and registered nurse. I am inspired by time. My creativity led me to a business that creates space for life to happen. I inspire others to take pauses and to cherish the present moment. I am fueled by my passions and sharing with the world that it is possible to create a life that you love.

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