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Self-Care / Self-Reflection / Self-Love

Jill, the owner of Espace Santé & Création

Providing a safe healing environment to explore and enhance self-awareness

Let the guilt of slowing down disappear to exude peace.

It's time to take a break....

Are you prioritizing your health ?

Are you ready to connect with other amazing souls ?

Do you want to learn how to enhance your self-care practice ?


The retreats are designed to relax, recharge and refocus.

It is set in a beautiful and comfortable environment where

you can feel safe and supported in all spheres of health.

Every retreat is a little different from the next but always end with...


Making new connections

Quotation mark

Thank you so very much for the amazing needed exchange and finding our inner peace again. Everything about it was absolutely perfect from the non-obligation and focus on listening to our own bodies to the workshop classes, ceremonies, discussions and more.


Choosing yourself first

Quotation Mark

I love how intuitive everything was ! We were guided and supported, but never forced or judged. Our bodies were nurtured through gentle mouvements & wholesome foods. We hugged, shared, cried & renewed. Thank you! 


Human figure watching the sunset at the Dalhousie Inch Arran beach

A feeling of inner peace and restoration

3 human figures admiring the view from a wooden balcony in a Dalhousie trail
Quotation Mark

My experience was not what I expected. I knew I was tired, but I didn't notice how much weight I had on my back. The yoga, walks in nature and down time (writing, relaxing) gave me time to clear the noise in my head. Jill has a way to make you feel at ease and at peace. Overall awesome experience!


Top view of a person meditating
  • Mother earth teachings

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness activities

  • Activities in nature

  • Meditative walking

  • Creative and/or personal growth workshops

  • Healthy homemade meals

  • Weekend opening and closing activities.

Wellness Retreat

Every retreat is unique as groups bring different energies and exchanges. The authenticity of our team and participants create a feeling of support and enlightening conversations.

Meditating in Nature

You can reach out and we will help you create the perfect retreat. 

Want a retreat in your area?

Participants can expect to experience benefits from the moment they arrive that often continue for days or weeks after the event.

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