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Wellness Workshop

Empowering professionals towards optimal health

Jill, the owner of Espace Santé & Création, working on a computer at a desk

Do you want to have a positive wellness impact within your workplace?

Work environments have so much potential for being a safe and inspirational place to be in.

With a customized plan for your team...

employees feel heard and understood.

Working on a Computer

Personalized Coaching


Establishing a therapeutic relationship


Identify the client's
strengths and challenges


Identify the client's 
stage of change


Incorporate different care modalities into treatments


Provide care based on the latest research and best practices

"All individuals deserve care that respects and honors individual needs and choices; acknowledges the role of environment, culture, social connection, the intricate connection between mind-body-spirit, and the healing process."


Colleagues Working Together
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There's such a powerful force and energy that resides in all of us. Over the course of our personal journey, any of life's setbacks could bury or diminish our spark. You will guide so many people to be self-aware of themselves so they can become their authentic self.


Employers are leaning more and more towards creating a space where employees have access to tools they need to take care of their health, be productive and motivated without the pressure of needing to over perform.

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Nice Nurse

l feel relaxed and a feeling of ease and peace.


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I feel calmer than when I walked in and it's a great way to start the day.


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